1 de nov de 2011

Novo número: IFLA Journal

Acaba de ser publicado o v. 37, n. 3 (Outubro 2011), do IFLA Journal, e que pode ser acessado no URL: www.ifla.org/en/news/out-now-october-2011-issue-of-ifla-journal
Convergence of libraries, archives and museums. Stephen Parker.187
  • Painted lines: Preservation connections. Heather Brown. 189
  • Digital preservation: Converging and diverging factors of libraries, archives and museums - an Indian perspective. Dinesh Katre. 195
  • Synergizing the collections of libraries archives and museums for better user services. Neelam Prasad. 204
  • The digital divide among the college students of Kashmir, Índia. Fayaz Ahmad Loan. 211
  • Digital preservation strategies: A case study of Nigerian national information centres. Ezra Shiloba Gbaje. 218
  • Quality library and information science education in Nigeria: The place of public-private collaboration. Augonus Nnamdi Uhegbu. 228
  • Investigating the information needs of nomadic students in Iran: Presenting a library service model. Hajar Salehi Dehpadekani and Masoud Pourhamidi. 235
  • London Book Fair 2011: A truly international gathering for its 40th year. Sanjay K. Bihani. 246

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